Kornati National Park is one of the eight National Parks in Croatia. There are 89 islands which strech on 220m2. The largest island is Kornat (32 km). The largest part of the Park (75%) consists of rich sea ecosystem which has several endemic species. The islands are characterised by natural, cultural and historical features.

            This seven-day-Kornati-tour is for those who are, on one hand, outgoing, optimistic and adventurous persons and, on the other hand, long for peaceful and tranqil places. The entire programme consists of sports activities (kayaking, hiking), various workshops (music, building, souvenier making), morning and evening exercise and enjoying the local food specialities. The main idea of this programme is to give you opportunity to relax and enjoy yourselves in this little paradise on Earth.



We will meet you either at Split or Zadar airport at latest by 2 pm. Transfer from airport to Murter by mini bus. A short break at the local supermarket to get basic things for the week to come. Transfer from Murter to Kornati National Park by boat.

            Arrival at Vrulje, situated in the heart of the Kornat island. Vrulje is going to be the starting point of all your activities. The rooms in the vacation house will be ready for you. Short break after unpacking, followed by dinner. Getting to know the members of our staff and our detailed programme. The rest of the evening is free. Good night!


 Morning exercise*. Breakfast. You will get basic safety and kayaking information. Kayaking around the north-west part of the Kornati National Park (3-4 h). Break at Mana and Levrnaka island to go sightseeing, swimming and have brunch. Duration of breaks depends on the pace of the group. Back to Vrulje. Lunch. Short break. Drywall workshop** scheduled for the affternoon (2-3 h). Dinner. Free time for music workshop*, evening exercise*, walking or just hanging out.

*Optional activity:

            1) Morning exercise: stretching, yoga

            2) Music workshop: use of instruments (guitars, ukulele, guitalele, glass and bottle instruments, percussions...) with or without guidance

            3) Evening exercise: relaxing yoga

**Drywall workshop: Traditional construction of drywall. This craft has been in practise for over 400 years in this area. There are only two people in Kornati National Park that are still building and renewing them. The idea of this workshop is to pass on this dying trade and to have some good time.


Morning exercise*. Breakfast. Short break. Meeting with the guide where you will get basic hiking instructions. Hiking (3-4 hours).

            Hiking trail Kornati consists of eight trails. They lead to the viewpoints from which you can have a wonderful view of the whole National Park as well as some of its most beautiful parts. During the hiking we will make two breaks which will include brunch.

            Back to Vrulje. Lunch. Break. Drywall workshop (2-3 h). Dinner. Break and free time for music workshop* and evening exercise*.

*Optional activity


 Morning execise*. Breakfast. After the breakfast our employees will inform you about the activities you can do on your own; traditional weir fishing** or souvenir workshop**. You can spend your day resting and enjoying the beauty that Kornati National Park has to offer. Of course, you are free to join our every day activities: morning and evening exercises*, music workshop*.

            Brunch, lunch and dinner will be organized according to your daily schedule.

*Extra charge for this activity

**Optional activity


Morning exercise*. Breakfast. Kayaking (3-4 hours) around the south-east part of the Kornati National Park. On the second day of kayaking we will exit the outer rim of the Park also known by the name of Crown of Kornat**.

            Break for panoramic view from the highest point of the Crown; brunch and swimming. We will continue our tour through the inside part of the Park. Break for swimming, sightseeing and resting. Back to Vrulje.

            Lunch. Break. Drywall workshop (2-3hours). Dinner. The rest of the evening is free for music workshop* and evening exercise*.

*Optional activity

**Crown of Kornat: Part of the Kornati National Park which overlooks the open sea. It is

    formed out of karst-lime stone reefs which stretch for over 30 km on 15 islands. The

    highst reef is on Island Klobučar (82 m).


Morning exercise*. Breakfast. Hiking (2-3 hours). We will visit the 6th century Byzantine fortress and Lady of Tarca Church from 17th century. Short break for brunch. Hiking across the tops of the Kornat Island. Swimming break. Back to Vrulje.

            Lunch. Break. Drywall workshop (1-2 hours). Dinner. Free time. Music workshop*. Evening exercise*. It is the last day of your Kornati adventure. We have shortened duration of your activities so you can have more free time in the evening. Have a good time!


Breakfast. Short break and time for packing. Meeting with our staff. Transfer by boat from Vrulje to Murter and by minibus from Murter to either Zadar or Split airport. Arrival at the airport at latest by 3 pm.

            Thank you for being a part of the Kornati adventure. Have a safe flight.


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