Murter is tourist city situated on the same name island 30 km away from Sibenik.

Specially valuable archaeological founds of old roman settlement Colentum on the hill Gradina testifies about attractively of position of this oldest settlement on the island, situated on fertile land between bays Slanica and Hramina.

Like in the every place on the island, many inhabitants arise in 16 and 17 ct. because of immigrants from the land under Turks attacks. Place develops fast, so in Murter 1866 opens first country reading club at the area of whole Dalmatia. Yet 1877 opens first school and post office.

Of sacral monuments should be mentioned chapel of St. Roko from 1760, church of St. Mihovil reconstructed 1770, and church of Lady of Gradina. Traditional jobs of inhabitants of Murter trough centuries are stock breeding and agriculture, and seafaring and fishing. Except on the same island all those activities residents of Murter expends to near Kornati islands which in last centuries, together with residents of Betina, they bought from aristocratic of Zadar - move that will show crucial for modern development of Murter into pne of very attractive tourist destinations.

Even tourism today represents very important item in economical place life, its 2000 inhabitants still keep the touch with land and the sea.

You will make sure of it every time you visit some of many wine vault, restaurants, and inns. Just cached fish prepared with olive oil and unavoidable good wine will fill you with new straight after all day staying on some of nearest natural or decorated beaches. Accommodation is certain in some of modern private apartments in one of scenic rock houses in the same place or outside of the place, at isolation, closer to sea and beaches.

At disposal is hotel Colentum situated in bay Slanica with beautiful view to Kornati archipelago. Hotel has 255 beds and very atractive beach. Near, at disposal to hotel guests, but also to all guests of Murter, there is recreation centre Slanica with many sport contents for vacation and entertainment, especially those for water sports like rent a boat and rent a surfing board.

Moto tourists can find their place in camp Slanica or in the bay Cigradja. Special attraction that attracts more and more lovers in the sea and nature, so called "Robinson tourism".

Because of the nearness of National Park Kornati, that nautical paradise on the Earth, Murter is unavoidable spot for nautical tourists. Modern marina Hramina gives to seafarers all necessary favours. Marina is situated in beautiful Murter bay and disposes with 400 berths and more 250 boat places on land, and is equipped with all infrastructures. In the context of marina there are post office, bank, market, hotel and restaurant. It is opened in period from 1st May to 30th October. Also, there are two ACI marinas in Murter (Kornati) area: marina on the island Zut (with 113 berths) and marina on the island Piskera (with 120 berths), both open from March to October.

About us

Our Family Fishing and Tourist business under the name „Račić“ has been registered in Murter since 1999.

Prior to this date the wooden construction of the Račić Fishing Boat has been in the „Jerat Family“ since it`s beginning.
Our primary business is Fishing during the winter months followed by a custom refit of the boat to accommodate comfortable + leisure tours around the Islandsof the National Park Kornati during the summer months.

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